Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Restore your beautiful smile

Replace missing teeth to enjoy life to the fullest again.

Dental bridges can help restore your smile and let you enjoy your favorite foods. Missing teeth can be uncomfortable, change your facial contours or speech, and increase potential damage to your gums. A dental bridge is a great solution for bringing back your confidence and health.

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Why choose dental bridges?

  • Get back to normal life faster while also repairing your beautiful smile.
  • Prevent further damage to your gums and other oral tissues.
  • As easy to care for as regular teeth — dental bridges add minimal extra oral care than your normal brushing & flossing routine.
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The LegacyDifference

Restorative dentistry expertise

We are known for our quality of work and transformations we make for our patients using this technology.

Education & choice

Here in Dublin, we are surrounded by highly qualified specialists in Orthodontics. Moving teeth is beyond cosmetics, the function and position of your teeth play a significant role in to orthodontic treatment. Please rest assured that we will educate you on your needs and will guide you in establishing Invisalign treatment with a specialist that will support you in achieving your best end result.

Custom bridges for your mouth

The bridge must be fabricated very precisely to ensure correct bite and to match the opposing teeth. Impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab where it is constructed.

Comfortable Environment

From comfortable dentist chairs to a family-focused team, our offices are inviting, warm, and friendly in Dublin, OH.

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What does your smile need today?

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