Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Protect your teeth for years to come.

Safeguard your precious smile.

Protect the chewing surfaces of your back teeth with a thin protective layer that can help prevent cavities (tooth decay) for years.

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Why choose dental sealants?

  • Acts as a shield against potential decay and unwanted stains.
  • Easy to apply & durable, sealants can last several years.
  • Safe for people of any age.
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The LegacyDifference

High quality materials

We only use the best materials and procedures when it comes to your precious teeth. Our dental sealants are safe and durable.

Education & Choice

You are more than just your smile! We ensure that you fully understand what is happening and make decisions with you, not for you

Preventative Care

With daily brushing & flossing alongside regular cleanings, we focus on preventing complicated issues like gum disease and major tartar buildup that can be more painful to remove.

Comfortable Environment

From comfortable dentist chairs to a family-focused team, our offices are inviting, warm, and friendly in Dublin, OH.

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What does your smile need today?

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Questions &Answers

What do you need to know about dental sealants?

Your smile is unique – which is why we’ll take the time to build the best care path for you.

How does this work?

A tooth-colored acrylic ‘coating’ is painted onto the surface of the tooth, sealing the deep grooves. This acts as a barrier & protects your natural enamel from plaque & acids.

What can I expect during my dental sealant visit?

Easy to apply, dental sealants only take a few minutes per tooth. We will cleanse the grooves to remove any bacteria from inside the grooves. Then we simply flow a tooth-colored material onto the surface of the tooth, sealing the teeth groves.

Is this really for all ages?

Yes! Children as well as adults can greatly benefits from sealants in the fight against tooth decay.

Close up shot of green leaves of Legacy Family Dental in Dublin, Ohio

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