Routine Exams & Cleanings

Routine Exams & Cleanings

Keep your teeth & gums healthy for the long-term.

Have a lifetime of great smiles

Diligently brushing & flossing at home keeps plaque build-up at a minimum, but there are always places you will miss. Professional cleaning ensures that your smile stays bright and your teeth stay healthy for longer.

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Why are routine dental exams & cleanings important?

  • An effective & easier treatment for stained teeth & improve bad breath with routine removal of plaque and tartar.
  • Comprehensive cleaning all of the debris, bacteria, and deposits that could result in periodontal issues (like gum disease).
  • Dental diseases are progressive – early intervention is the best treatment for prevention and maintenance!

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The LegacyDifference

Preventative Care

With daily brushing & flossing alongside regular cleanings, we focus on preventing complicated issues like gum disease and major tartar buildup that can be more painful to remove.

Education & Choice

You are more than just your smile! We ensure that you fully understand what is happening and make decisions with you, not for you.

25+ Years of Combined Experience in the Dublin, OH Area

You’re in expert hands with Dr. Mariani, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Place – settle in and let us take it from here!

Comfortable Environment

From comfortable dentist chairs to a family-focused team, our offices are inviting, warm, and friendly in Dublin, OH.

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What does your smile need today?

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Questions &Answers

What do you need to know about routine exams?

Your smile is unique – which is why it’s so important for us to see you routinely. We can keep your teeth strong and gums healthy with cleanings and recommendations specific to you.

What can I expect during my routine visit?

  • Medical and dental history review
  • A thorough evaluation of your head, neck and mouth
  • An oral cancer screening
  • A periodontal screening
  • A prophylaxis (cleaning) or periodontal cleaning based on your needs
  • Fluoride treatment

Is this service for all ages? Or is there a special cleaning for children?

Great question – if your child is routinely seen by your pediatrician we start seeing most children in our practice starting at age 3+. For children we provide careful and gentle cleanings as well as fluoride treatment to protect their precious smiles!

What is periodontal disease?

Also known as gum disease, it is the disease that affects the hard and soft tissue that holds the teeth in the jaw bone.

Why aren't brushing and flossing at home enough?

Daily brushing and flossing helps prevent plaque buildup, but there are some areas below the gums that your floss and toothbrush can’t reach. Dental diseases are progressive and have better treatment outcomes with early intervention.

How many times a year should I get a cleaning and exam?

We recommend twice a year, or every 3-4 months if you have periodontal disease.

What is a Healthy Mouth Baseline?

At Legacy, we have developed a way for our patients to share their concerns regarding the health of their mouth via our Healthy Mouth Baseline questionnaire. This allows us, as your health care providers, to assess your concerns, combine them with our findings, and utilize a healthy mouth as the standard to create your customized pathway to health!

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