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At Legacy Family Dental, we know that routine dental care is the key to overall oral health. Seeing you routinely allows us to treat smaller concerns before they become major ones and keep your teeth sparkling and healthy. 


You'll be greeted by our wonderful team & given a tour of our office.

Assessment & Cleaning

A hygienist will gently evaluate your mouthand can perform the best type of dental cleaning for your needs.

Routine Exam

A dentist will complete a comprehensive exam, utilizing all information and checking for any possible issues.

Plan Together

We'll discuss options and put together a cohesive dental care plan made just for you.

How to prepare

No surprises, only smiles! Here’s what you need for your first visit.

  1. Arrive about 15 minutes before your exam so we can introduce you to the space & get you settled in.
  2. Complete New Patient Forms to make the process faster
  3. Bring your ID
  4. Bring your insurance card or policy number
Frequently asked questions

What do you need to know about your first visit?

Your smile is unique – which is why it’s so important for us to see you routinely. We can keep your teeth strong and gums healthy with cleanings and recommendations specific to you.

On average, the first visit is about 2 hours – that gives us time to do a full check-up and introduce you to the space!

X-rays are a critical component of proper diagnostics In dentistry. They are necessary for us to be able to detect gum disease, decay, and infection that we cannot see with a clinical exam alone. At Legacy we do not need to take xrays at every visit and will explain to you the type and frequency of xrays that are needed to maintain your optimal oral health.

Yes. It is possible to transfer records from one dental practice to another. You may be asked to provide permission to transfer your records, or you can bring them with you. It is important to note that X-rays are a critical component of proper diagnostics, and even with electronic transfer of digital X-rays, there may be some loss of image quality. Your dentist will review the records and let you know if additional X-rays may be needed for diagnostic purposes.

A comprehensive oral exam is needed for patients who are coming to Legacy as a new patient, or if it has been three or more years since your last visit with our office. At this appointment we will review your radiographs (x-rays), conduct a visual exam, assess your periodontal (gum and bone around the teeth) health, determine any treatment needs and complete an oral cancer and soft tissue screening.

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